Unlocking nucleic acid medicines

Gene therapies and vaccines powered by a new generation of DNA and mRNA

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A dynamic
biological challenge

Nucleic acid therapeutics have come a long way since their first use in preclinical experiments. Major advances in capping, delivery, manufacturing, and non-natural nucleosides enabled the field to grow.

These solutions, while game-changing, have all focused on engineering the chemistry and delivery of nucleic acids.  

A dynamic
biological solution

ExcepGen addresses the cellular response to nucleic acids. Our platform alters the way that cells respond to DNA and mRNA by dampening undesirable pathways.

Core initiatives

Preventative and Therapeutic Vaccines

Rare Diseases

Gene Therapy

The team behind it

We're a team of visionary scientists unwilling to accept the status quo. Our drive to improve human health wakes us up and motivates our research. We believe that by exploring foundational principles of biology, we can make the greatest impact on human life.