Responsive Medicine

Engineering therapeutics that adapt with cellular regulation to eliminate disease.

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A dynamic
biological challenge

Drug discovery and therapeutic development are hindered by the cellular regulation woven throughout our cells.

Cells have developed redundant regulatory systems that can counteract the intended effect of a static therapy, in many cases even when the drug target itself is well known. This means that cells can adapt to the drug and ultimately cancel out the expected effect.

Existing solutions are only workarounds that accept regulation as a fundamental law of biology — but it is not.

A dynamic
biological solution

Our patented technologies address a complex living system with a solution that adapts to the cell's regulatory processes. By engaging with cellular regulation in a dynamic way, we can create a new generation of responsive therapies with enduring effectiveness.

Core initiatives

Preventative and Therapeutic Vaccines

Gene Therapies and
Vectorized Antibodies

Drug & Antibody

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The team behind it

We're a team of visionary scientists unwilling to accept the status quo. Our drive to improve human health wakes us up and motivates our research. We believe that by exploring foundational principles of biology, we can make the greatest impact on human life.

the excepgen team
the excepgen team



ExcepGen is backed by a group of investors who are known for taking visionary approaches to challenging problems:

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