Programmable mRNA

Engineering mRNA therapeutics that adapt the cellular state.

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A dynamic
biological challenge

mRNA has come a long way since its first use in preclinical experiments in the 1980s. Major advances in capping, delivery, manufacturing, and non-natural nucleosides enabled the creation of mRNA vaccines that turned the tide of the COVID pandemic.

These solutions, while game-changing, have all focused on engineering the chemistry and delivery of mRNA. For us at ExcepGen, this is only one side of the coin. For mRNA to reach its full potential, the cellular response to mRNA must also be addressed.

A dynamic
biological solution

ExcepGen is the first company to engineer how cells interact with mRNA. Our platform allows us to alter the way that cells respond to therapeutic mRNA by dampening cellular pathways that are undesirable and boosting those that are helpful.

Core initiatives

Preventative and Therapeutic Vaccines


Rare Diseases

The team behind it

We're a team of visionary scientists unwilling to accept the status quo. Our drive to improve human health wakes us up and motivates our research. We believe that by exploring foundational principles of biology, we can make the greatest impact on human life.

the excepgen team
the excepgen team



ExcepGen is backed by a group of investors who are known for taking visionary approaches to challenging problems:

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